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Dr Suwelack joins the EVA

04.09 '17
Dr Suwelack is a German manufacturer of freeze-dried coffee for vending.

Dr Suwelack specialises in the drying, fermentation and extraction of food products, which not only includes refining coffee for use in vending, but converting a range of foodstuffs into high quality products, including pastry goods and dairy products.

The International Key Account Manager of Dr Suwelack, Mr Wolfgang Lobemeier outlined why the company has become a member, “Being a globally oriented Premium Freeze Dried Coffee Manufacturer Dr. Suwelack is explicitly focussed on Vending. Due to [our] international orientation we appreciate very much all the benefits that the EVA offers. Global Networking is one key element for us, but also informative Research Studies and the direct contact to the EU decision takers in Brussels are important elements why we [decided to] join and support EVA.”

Erwin Wetzel, EVA Director General, added, “I am very pleased to see Dr Suwelack join the EVA as a new member. By being a regular participant at recent EVEX events in Malaga and Cannes, the company has been able to network with other EVA members and see firsthand some of the benefits our Association can offer, which of course includes free access our annual market research - I am confident that we will have a successful and mutually fruitful partnership.

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