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Aztek joins the EVA

08.02 '17
Aztek is a manufacturer of electronic payment systems.

Aztek develops and designs readers and software while following the evolution of the vending market, the working methods and organisation of vending operator companies, and believes that taking into consideration the appearance of new technologies while proposing open solutions is essential for this development.

Philippe Muller, the company CEO explained the reasons for joining the EVA, “At AZTEK, we truly believe that our membership in EVA will benefit us through the up-to-date information and exchanges we can have with representatives of the association and its members.

In addition, markets are continuously growing and being a member of the Association will allow us to better understand future needs both in understanding new decisions and new standards.”

The Director General of the EVA, Erwin Wetzel, warmly welcomed Aztek as a new Member, “I am pleased to announce Aztek as a new member of our Association. They will now be able to learn about the latest detailed industry trends and needs, and help influence vending standards and directions for the future through the Electronic Payment Committee; bringing their experience and voice to what is already a strong and varied group.”

Aztek has over 20 years' experience, is based in Luxembourg and joins the EVA as Direct Member.

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