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New DTS Version 6.2 published

24.01 '17
Version 6.2 outlines and incorporates newer communication technologies.
The fundamental protocols of the EVA-DTS standard have been preserved but additional information and explanation has been provided to aid implementation and remove ambiguity.

Chapter 1, an introduction to the EVA DTS has been expanded and reorganized. Changes relate principally to Table 1 – Diagram of layered protocols – which now also outlines communication options in relation to Bluetooth, USB and LAN based solutions, and their consequent explanations. 

An entirely new Chapter 8 has been integrated into DTS Version 6.2, “Data Transfer using IP based protocols” which describes how to establish session transport when one of the IP-based datalinks is used. IP-based datalinks allow usage of the newer physical interfaces like Bluetooth, USB, LAN as described in chapter one.

Version 6.2 of the EVA-DTS replaces Version 6.1.2 as the current version of EVA-DTS, and can be downloaded free of charge here.

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