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New version of EVA EMP clarifies usage of test results

20.10 '16
Energy Measurement Protocol version 3.1 has been published by the EVA.
The update to the protocol is designed to provide clarity for how and when test results can be used by manufacturers and how these results should be displayed. The update has been made to both version 3.1a for refrigerated vending machines and 3.1b for hot and hot&cold drinks machines.

The objective of this textual update to the protocol – which does not impact on the test procedure itself – is primarily to ensure confusion is avoided with the proposed Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations for commercial refrigeration (including chilled vending machines) which are expected to be approved and enter into force in 2017.

One particularly essential aspect of the update is to ensure that users do not place the EMP test results directly on a vending machine in function or appearance of an official energy label - which currently does not exist - and will only serve to mislead customers ahead of a comprehensive and imminent EU rescaling of energy labels.

EVA EMP 3.1a and 3.1b can be downloaded free of charge here.

EMP Relationship with official European Standard EN 50597
Until the expected entry into force of the new EU Regulations for refrigerated vending machines anticipated in 2017, the EVA advises that the EVA EMP 3.1a is used as the reference document for calculating the energy efficiency of a refrigerated vending machine. However, the EVA does ask that refrigerated vending manufacturers now also test their machines according to EN 50597 and send their results to the EVA. Consumption results can be presented to customers alongside the EMP calculations, but it should be minded that the energy rating scale provided by the EMP is for comparison purposes and absolutely should not be used in function of a label.

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