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Image of Vending award


The Award

The EVA “Image of Vending” Award was designed to give recognition to innovation from every segment of the vending industry, where a marked improvement has been added to the global image of Vending. The 2013 contest is open to products, services and initiatives introduced to the market from 1 June 2011, from EVA Members and National Associations' Members.
The Jury is selected from an international panel of industry experts, representing most of the European countries and segments of the Vending industry, a Vending Press Journalist and a Communication Agency Representative.

The Jury

  • Award Winner 2011: Rheavendors, Carlo Majer
  • Communication Agency: Acapella, Anne-Sophie  Lavaurs
  • Cups: Swisspack, Jan Schürmann
  • Ingredient Supplier: Lavazza, Sergio Telesco
  • Journalist: Vending TV, Fabio Russo
  • Machine Manufacturer: Saeco Vending, Iwald Mons
  • Machine Manufacturer: Aequator, Arnaud van Amerongen
  • Operator: Mastercup Vending, Michal Piotrowiak
  • Operator: Sogeda, Fioravante Allegrino
  • Operator: Uvenco, Sergei Kornienko
  • Payment: Coges, Stefano Bertoldo

The Projects

Please find below, the companies and projects that are competing for the Image of Vending Award 2013:
  • Azkoyen SA: Azkoyen Novara    
  • Bianchi Vending Group: Duo, be the one   
  • Bravilor Bonamat: Esprecious   
  • BWT water + more: BESTMAX BALANCE   
  • Coges: Coges Engine   
  • D.A. Design Group: Self Store 24H   
  • Gearomat: “smart mobile vending” with gearomat control system    
  • Gruppo Argenta: Eni shop 24   
  • Intel  & Costa Enterprises Ltd:  Marlow CEM-200 Self-Serve Espresso Bar   
  • MEI: MEI CashFlow® 5in1 eCash    
  • NAVSA: programme "feelGood"    
  • Rhea Vendors Group: HAL (Hospitality Area Lounge); TM-ON telemetry technology  
  • SandenVendo: G-Drink Finger Point + CO2 cooling unit  
  • SwissPrimePack: Vending cup "Latte Macchiatto"    
  • U-Select-it: Alpine Elevator    
  • Westomatic Vending Services: The Sigma Touch 

The Winner

The winner will be announced at the EVA’s next EurOps conference, during an early evening cocktail on 5 May 2013, aboard the Vending Cruise.

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