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Executive Committee

The General Assembly, where National Associations and members are represented, meets once a year to fix the general guidelines of the association. It elects the Executive Committee (15 members maximum) biannually, who are well known personalities from the various segments of the vending industry. The Executive Committee decides upon the political agenda and technical programme of the EVA and adopts the position papers that serve as a basis for lobbying actions.

The Director General, Mr. Erwin Wetzel, implements the policies defined by the Executive Committee. The Director General is responsible for the day-to-day work, the management of the Brussels office and staff, the relations with the EU, the press and the general representation of the association and its members.

The EVA Executive Committee 2017-19

Paolo Ghidotti (N&W)
EVA President, Representing EVMMA (Machine Manufacturers)
Javier Arquerons (Alliance Vending)
EVA First-Vice President, Representing Southern European Operators
Maurits de Jong (de Jong Duke)
Treasurer, Representing Office Coffee Service
Dr. Aris Kaschefi
EVA Vice President, Representing BDV
Christian Mengus (SUZOHAPP)
Representing NAVSA
Michele Adt
Representing CONFIDA
Raúl Rubio Fleitas (ANEDA)
Representing the NA Managing Directors
Davide Celin (Lavazza)
Representing Ingredient Suppliers
Jürgen Göbel (Ingenico)
Representing Payment Systems & Vending Solutions
Tony Smith
Representing AVA
Alberto Giavoni (Brita)
representing Point of Use Water Solutions
Boris Belotserkovsky (Uvenco)
Representing Northern Europe Operators
Marcin Przybyło (Automatspec)
Representing Eastern Europe Operators
Massimo Daolio (Flo)
Representing Cup Manufacturers
John Lawrie (Selecta TMP AG)
Representing International Operators
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