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About the European Vending Association (EVA)

About the EVA

The EVA is a not-for-profit trade association established in 1994, representing the interests of the whole European coffee service and vending industry vis-à-vis the European Union Institutions and other relevant authorities or bodies. The EVA is an international association governed by Belgian law and its membership comprises of both National Associations and companies.

The mission of the EVA is:

  • To protect, promote and provide leadership to the self-serve coffee, food and beverage and Point of Use (POU) industry
  • To provide a single voice for self-serve coffee food and beverage and POU industry in Europe
  • To become the reference organisation for providing data, and information about our industry to all relevant stakeholders
Please click here to access the EVA Corporate brochure.


The EVA is primarily a lobbying organisation that promotes the interests of the coffee service and vending industries. EVA Membership covers all the various activities of the industry, including:
  • Machine, component (e.g. payment systems, water filters) and accessories manufacturing;
  • Supplying ingredients (e.g. food products, vending cups suppliers);
  • Operating (e.g. managing, filling and maintaining the machines).

The EVA is officially recognised by the EU institutions in Brussels as the reference organisation for coffee service and vending. As such, it participates in a number of consultative and/or multi stakeholder forums launched by the EU institutions. The EVA furthermore maintains close links with the various Mints in Europe and with EU Officials directly.

As coffee service and vending is a very diverse industry, EVA lobbying actions cover a wide and technical range of different areas: environmental, machine-specific, food law and hygiene, diet and nutrition, standardisation, payment systems etc.

The European Union’s legislative process is made up of different steps, with each step being a lobbying opportunity. One of the most common EU law-making procedures is outlined on this detailed flowchart.

As the European legislative process is very complex, the EVA interprets and simplifies the procedures for its Members, providing early information and appropriate advice.

The EVA lobbies the Brussels-based institutions in a spirit of cooperation with the National Associations, as they are the privileged contacts for lobbying at a Member State level. The EVA has established strong links with other trade associations and experts in order to maximise the possibilities to influence the EU process (e.g. joint lobbying approach) and to be informed early of any legislative developments. These links are strengthened as some members of the EVA are also members of other trade associations. Therefore, a collaborative approach can be essential for effective lobbying for the benefit of the whole community.


 Some EVA Topic areas

  • Currency: the phased introduction of the new Euro banknotes; maintaining excellent relations with the European (and worldwide) mints
  • WEEE- RoHS: obtaining a different treatment for business to business
  • Ecodesign: striving for the most suitable legislation for vending machines
  • F-Gas Review: obtaining a suitable prohibition date for our industry
  • Food information to Consumers: achieving less burdensome measures for operators
  • Obesity: the EVA is a founding organisation of the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, and encourages a more diverse offering of healthier options in vending machines
  • Standards: EVA-DTS (Data Transfer), EVA-EPS (Electronic Payment), EVA-EMP and developing the new official EN 50597 (Measurement of energy consumption)
  • Global network: establishing and maintaining excellent relations with NAMA (USA), JVMA (Japan) and other vending associations worldwide
  • Events: organising the European Vending Experience (EVEX) in corporation with different national vending associations, while running a number of highly successful events on a wide range of issues
  • Publications: the EU Newsletter provides members with latest developments from the EU and national associations, in multiple languages. The EVA Flash provides a general update on industry developments
  • Press and media: ensuring a high visibility of the vending industry, both online and through a long-term cooperation with the trade press
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